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Country Visits (Research and Presentations)

  • Kenya August 2012
  • Turkey   Mid September 2012
  • Germany  Oct 2012
  • South Africa  Most months
  • Australia November 23- Dec 7 2012
  • UK                   Most Months  

Current Presentation Titles

From Industrial revolution to sustainability revolution - the business of fixing our future.

Jason gives a unique business leaders insight into the environment - its challenges for us as business leaders, individuals and members of society
as well as an insight into some of the remarkable and profitable green businesses he has started and invested in both in  Africa and Europe 
The Story of the Fly and How It could Save the World

We need to recycle our waste nutrients to ensure we have food security in the future. Could the fly help save the world?
How on earth can we live together?

We cannot all have a the material gratification that the industrial revolution promised for all but delivered to so few. The sustainability revolution has started and the industrial era is over. What does the 21st Century hold for humanity.
Feeding 9 billion – what’s cooking?

All our food comes from our water, land and seas. These three increasingly damaged  eco systems combine to produce the food on which we all depend – 200,000 more of us need feeding every day. Food, technology and the future of civilization.
It is without doubt Africa’s Century. Do we want it?

Africa has the land, water and minerals that the world needs. As the West declines and the East rises Africa will be the new battleground of the superpowers. Of the 2 billion additional people on our planet by 2050 half will be in Africa. What is the Future of Africa in the 21st Century.
Sustainable Profitable Capitalism

Driving profit through saving the planet is the new capitalism. With shareholders suing companies for cheating - maximising ST profits but ruining the long term prospects and sustainability- Why PE ratios of sustainable businesses are higher - the influence of green funds on capital allocation
Ethics Consumers and Ecocide – the future of Governance.

The new governance risks are all environment related. With companies being sued for environmental damage, consumers abandoning brands that are planet unfriendly.  The new risk is for Directors and Bureaucrats of organisations who are increasingly likely to be personally liable for their actions or lack of them, as the laws of Ecocide come closer to the statute books.
Radical Transparency – nowhere to hide.

From green-washing to environmental damage. Consumers and investors are realizing their power in driving genuine green behaviour that they desire from their companies. As trust has shifted from elected politicians to companies their role in protecting our future is vital and being watched by consumers and investors all over the globe.
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